Coat 1127 Polo neck 2417 Handbag 8115

Coat 1127

  • Color: khaki
  • Product length: 112 cm
  • Composition: wool 70%; polyester 30%
  • Size: 42-52
Double-breasted comfortable coat of a loose silhouette in a military style. Made of soft and dense half-woolen cloth. It is fastened with buttons. A special feature of the model is a hefty collar on the stand, to which a decorative shoulder strap is fastened. There are welt pockets on the forepart. The product is lined with a viscose. The waistbelt is detachable and it is made of the main cloth.

Polo neck 2417

  • Color: ash-milk
  • Product length: 53 cm
  • Composition: 50% viscose, 30% polyester, 20% nylon
  • Size: 42-50
Polo neck of a classic semi-hugging silhouette. It is made of a soft, smooth on the touch, knitted fabric. The stand-up collar is draped with beautiful pleats. The lines of the shoulder sections are slightly lowered. There is the designer’s handmade brooch “Fox” on the forepart.
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