Trench coat 1124 Handbag 8115

Trench coat 1124

  • Color: khaki
  • Product length: 113 cm
  • Composition: 54% cotton, 46% polyester
  • Size: 42-52
 A stylish transformer trench coat of a straight silhouette with interesting design elements. It is made of a dense raincoat fabric with a matte gloss and a shape memory effect. Trench coat has unsnapped sleeves and a detachable storm flap. At the bottom of the sleeve there is a strap, the length of which can be adjusted with buttons. A product features a removable waistbelt which consists of two parts. There is a milk-colored viscose lining with a designer's print.
This product allows you to create at least 4 variants of different images. Thanks to an interesting design solution, it is always relevant, and it does not depend on the changes of the season!
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