Sweatshirt 2397 Trousers 3157

Sweatshirt 2397

  • Color: grassy
  • Product length: 63 cm
  • Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
  • Size: universal
Sweatshirt of an extra-oversize silhouette. It is made of a dense cotton high-quality knitted fabric. Due to such silhouette, it drapes perfectly and matches different images. Freedom of movement and creativity are embedded in this sweatshirt. There is a designer’s print pattern "birds" and a fiber flock print "believe in an fairy tale" on the forepart and on the backpiece.
 The product size is universal!

Trousers 3157

  • Color: ash-chocolate
  • Product length: 116 cm
  • Composition: 57% wool, 27% polyester, 16% viscose
  • Size: 42-50
Wide leg trousers of a loose silhouette in the style of a palazzo with counter pleats. They are made of a soft half-woolen suiting cloth. The trousers are fastened with a zipper. The product has a high waistline and it stretches the silhouette beautifully. There are hidden pockets in the side seams of the front. Two flaps are present on the back halves of the trousers. The trousers are supplemented by a detachable belt.
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