In the world of global industrialization and similar things the brand Lea Lea is a conscious step in creating beautiful, stylish designer collections made with infinite love to the customer.

“Do what you love, and love what you do” is the essential motto of our design studio.

The studio Lea Lea is a small team of professionals united by a common idea, professionals who have bound their lives with fashion.

The studio Lea Lea is trying to reach perfection when creating its collections, that’s why we pay so much attention to the quality of the materials we use. Mainly we use cotton, viscose, blended fabrics with prevalence of natural fibres. It is very important because it really matters for us how our customers feel.

One of the main criteria when creating collections is composition of the set. Topical colours and assortment range make it possible to combine items easily and create outfits to your taste.

Lightness in perception of life, velocity of time and desire for comfort find reflection in our collections.



Unique decorations.

Limited lines.

All of these will make our clothes desired in your wardrobe.