The rhythm of a big city, it's infrastructure and versatility shaped the basis of collection creation. Our heroine is a woman of integrity and well-balanced personality. She leads an active lifestyle and finds a reasonable balance between work, private life, personal development, and beauty creation around herself. And for such lady, we created perfectly balanced outfits, consisting of four capsules.
Capsule 1: Office city
This capsule has been specially designed for office rooms, business meetings, presentations and master classes. The ash-blue color is a "must-have" of the season which is reminiscent of a city sky color. And the perfect completeness of the garments allows you to create a lot of exciting images.
Capsule 2: Art place
The capsule has absorbed the spirit of creativity and freedom. The designer's print patterns in the styles of "street art" and "graffiti" make it look distinctive. Stylish handmade accessories complement the comfortable urban casual look. Leisure time, walk, informal meetings – you will feel comfortable in these garments!
Capsule 3: Biennale season
This capsule has absorbed elegant fashion classics in a bright and noble color scheme: juicy terracotta, mild coffee and dark blue. The couture collection has been created specifically for visiting exhibitions, theater seasons, and autumn biennales of contemporary art. The stylish and feminine ensembles will not leave anyone indifferent.
Capsule 4: Flower boutique
It is an exquisite collection in a romantic style for special occasions. A soft palette of noble green shades will be relevant for any season. The designer's unique handmade ornaments, cute details will undoubtedly create a festive mood on any autumn day.
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