Jacket 1105 Polo neck 2351 Culottes 3115-1 Accessory kit 8069

Jacket 1105
  • Color: gray
  • Article length: 71 cm
  • Composition: wool-70%; PE-30%
  • Size: 42-50
Classic jacket of a straight silhouette. Made of a dense half-woolen fabric. Welt pockets with a flap are on the forepart. There is designer print called "Streets of Paris" on the polyviscose lining. The jacket is complemented by a set of metal badges made on the sketches of our design studio.

Stylist's advice: a basic jacket of noble gray color and perfect fit which is always sought-after. You can make the image more appealing in combination with a set of accessories made of genuine leather M 8069.

Polo neck 2351
  • Color: grey
  • Product length: 62 cm
  • Composition: viscose-80%; acrylic-15%; spandex-5%
  • Size: 42-50
A classic polo neck of a semi-fitted silhouette. It is made of a soft knitted fabric. The stand-up collar is draped with beautiful pleats. The lines of the shoulder sections are slightly lowered. There is a small hand-made brooch "Cat on the windows" on the forepart.

Stylist's advice: it is a basic garment which is required in any wardrobe. It creates balance in the image.

Culottes 3115-1

  • Color: black
  • Article's length:
  • Composition: PE-70%, cotton-30%
  • Size: 42-50
Culottes made from eco-leather with a high waistline is a "must-have" of the season. The waistband is with belt loops and a hook-and-eye fastener. Functional welt pockets are on the backside of the trousers.

Stylist's advice: to get a stylish look, you can combine culottes with knitwear and coarse shoes with high soles. We recommend augmenting the image with black-colored accessories made of genuine leather - A 8069 kit.

Accessory kit 8069

  • Color: black
  • Bag size: 16x10x2 cm
  • Waist belt width: 2.5 cm
  • Waist belt size: XS-S (42-44), M-L (46-48), XL-XXL (50-52)
It is a kit of accessories in a classic black color. The items are made of high-quality genuine Italian leather. The kit includes a 2.5 cm wide waist belt, a metal chain, a purse, and a leather keychain. The surface of the products is smooth. The designer's embossing on the waist belt and the keychain are present. The purse is clasped with a metal button. The waist belt has a holster screw fastener.

Stylist's advice: a customer gets several accessories at once when buying such a kit: a waist belt, a waist bag, and a purse on a chain. Add these accessories matches nicely any look. We recommend wearing this kit with soft knitted garments, for instance: with M 5174 dress, M 8075 neckerchief, and rough high-soled boots.