Shirt dress 5174 Handkerchief 8075 Accessory kit 8069

Shirt dress 5174

  • Color: light grey
  • Article's length: 120 cm
  • Composition: viscose – 85%; acrylic – 15%
  • Size: 42-52
It is a shirt dress of a loose straight silhouette with a pinched cut-off tail. The garment is made of an extra mild flowing viscose fabric. There is a stand-up turnover collar. The central fastener on the forepart is with metal buttons of contrasting color, patch pockets with flaps are also fastened with buttons. There are hidden pockets in the side seams. The backside has a cut-off yoke, which is complemented by an inverted pleat in the center and a hinged loop. On the rear, the yoke has the designer's print pattern. The dress has long sleeves with buttoned cuffs. The length range is midi.

Stylist's advice: to create a more vivid appearance, it is recommended to add a set of accessories A 8069 and a scarf with the designer's print A 8075.

Handkerchief 8075

  • Color: gray
  • Size: 50x50 cm
  • Composition: 100% cotton
It is a stylish handkerchief in a scrumptious gray color. The product is made of lightweight cotton fabric. The designer's print "Streets of Paris" is present.

Stylist's advice: it is a quaint handkerchief which gives peculiarity to any look. We recommend conjoining it with M 1104 jacket of the same color and M 3113 trousers.

Accessory kit 8069

  • Color: black
  • Bag size: 16x10x2 cm
  • Waist belt width: 2.5 cm
  • Waist belt size: XS-S (42-44), M-L (46-48), XL-XXL (50-52)
It is a kit of accessories in a classic black color. The items are made of high-quality genuine Italian leather. The kit includes a 2.5 cm wide waist belt, a metal chain, a purse, and a leather keychain. The surface of the products is smooth. The designer's embossing on the waist belt and the keychain are present. The purse is clasped with a metal button. The waist belt has a holster screw fastener.

Stylist's advice: a customer gets several accessories at once when buying such a kit: a waist belt, a waist bag, and a purse on a chain. Add these accessories matches nicely any look. We recommend wearing this kit with soft knitted garments, for instance: with M 5174 dress, M 8075 neckerchief, and rough high-soled boots.