Blouse 2346 Trousers 3116 Waist belt 8065

Blouse 2346

  • Color: ash green
  • Article's length: 60 cm
  • Composition: viscose – 80%; acrylic – 15%; spandex – 5%
  • Size: 42-50
Blouse of a romantic style and semi-fitting silhouette. It is made of soft comfortable knitted fabric. A neat rounded collar is fastened with a decorative sewn button. The collar is hand-embroidered with small flowers made of beads and rhinestones. The decoration is the designer's development.

Stylist's advice: a gentle, refined and comfortable look can be created with M 3116 trousers. The blouse is perfect for special occasions.

Trousers 3116

  • Color: green, floral pattern
  • Article's length: 96 cm
  • Composition: cotton – 48%; nylon – 26%; PE – 23%; spandex – 3%
  • Size: 42-50
These are the classic trousers with creases and a high waistline. The trousers are made from a ritzy stretch jacquard fabric with a floral pattern. The belt of the trousers is fastened with hooks. There are functional pockets in the side seams. On the backside of the trousers, welt pocket with buttons are present. There is a small slit at the bottom, along the side seams. The length is 7/8.

Stylist's advice: perfectly combined with top M 2353 or M 2352. And wearing jacket M 1102, you can get an unusual and elegant look for an evening outing.

Waist belt 8065

  • Color: dark chocolate
  • Waist belt width: 2.5 cm
  • Size: XS–S (42-44), M–L (46-48), XL–XXL (50-52)
It is a waist belt of an intense chocolate shade, 1.5 cm wide. The product is made of high-quality genuine Italian leather. The surface is smooth; holster screw clamp is present. There is the designer's embossing on the waist belt.

Stylist's advice: this waist belt combines perfectly with any overclothes. For instance, we recommend wearing it with M 3114 and M 3116 trousers or with M 1101 jacket.
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