Blouse 2348 Trousers 3112

Blouse 2348

  • Color: ash green
  • Product length: 60 cm
  • Composition: viscose – 80%; acrylic – 15%; spandex – 5%
  • Size: 42-54
A loose blouse of a straight silhouette. It is made of a soft knitted fabric. The stand-up collar, the lowered lines of the shoulder sections, the sleeve, slightly narrowed down, the lower area is adjustable by means of a drawstring, which allows you to model the silhouette. There is the designer's hand-made brooch "Moushe-zizzouche" on the forepart.

Stylist's advice: a basic blouse that goes well with M 3112 or M 3116 trousers from the capsule "Flower Boutique".

Trousers 3112

  • Color: ash and coffee
  • Article's length: 98 cm
  • Composition: cotton – 98%; spandex – 2%
  • Size: 42-50
Trousers - "carrot" with a high waistline, a loose silhouette, narrowed downward. The product is made of soft velvet corduroy. The front parts of the trousers are with two soft pleats and functional pockets. There is a flap pocket with a button on the backside of the trousers. The waistband of the trousers is fastened with hooks. There are small cuffs at the bottom. The length is 7/8.

Stylist's advice: perfect trousers for creating images in the style of "casual". They are perfectly combined with soft knitwear. For example, with a blouse M 2348 or M 2348-1. To complete the image, a chocolate-colored belt made of genuine leather A 8064 will match perfectly.