Sweatshirt 2329 Trousers 3118

Sweatshirt 2329

  • Color: black
  • Article's length: 55 cm
  • Composition: cotton – 95%; spandex – 5%.
  • Size: 42-54
A knitted sweatshirt of a straight free silhouette with a hood and a wing at the bottom of the product. It is made of compact knitted fabric with a soft and fluffy underside. The inside of the hood is grey with the designer's "Graffiti" print.

Stylist's advice: the sweatshirt is perfectly combined with M 3118 sports trousers as well as jeans.

Trousers 3118

  • Color: black
  • Article's length:
  • Composition: cotton – 95%; spandex – 5%
  • Size: 42-54
Stylish knitted trousers of a loose silhouette, slightly narrowed down. They are made of a compact knitted fabric having soft and fluffy fleece underside of a gray color. The waistband is elastic. There are functional welt pockets with a metal button on the backside. The bottom part is lined with a gray fabric with the designer's print in the style of "Graffiti".

Stylist's advice: perfectly combined with a sweatshirt made of the same fabric - M 2329 or M 2357. It gives a warm and comfortable image for leisure.