Blouse 2349-1 Skirt 4084 Purse 8071

Blouse 2349-1

  • Color: terracotta
  • Article's length: 54 cm
  • Composition: PE – 76%; viscose – 18%; spandex – 6%
  • Size: 42-52
Comfortable blouse of a loose silhouette. It is made of a nice on the touch knitted fabric. Stand-up collar, one-piece sleeve with cuff, straight lower sections. There is the designer's hand-made brooch Butterflies" on the forepart.

Stylist's advice: it is a basic garment that easily fits into your everyday look. We recommend combining it with a skirt M 4081 and jackets M 1107.

Skirt 4084

  • Color: Indigo, jeans
  • Article's length: 77 cm
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Size: 42-50
A-line skirt with decorative harnesses. It is made of compact tight jeans cloth. Skirt with a fitted belt with a crimped fabric along the waistline. The garment fastens in front with finger-like buttons. There are functional pockets of a rounded shape in the side seams. On the rear side of the skirt patch pocket with the designer's stripe is present. The harnesses of the skirt are removable, and they are transformed into a decorative belt.

Stylist's advice: it is an elegant basic skirt made of jeans for creating "casual" style outfits. It is recommended to wear it with bright knitwear, for example, with a blouse M 2349-1 or a sweatshirt M 2354.

Purse 8071

  • Color: terracotta
  • Purse size: 16x10x2 cm
It is a stylish purse in an unconventional terracotta color. The product is made of high-quality genuine Italian leather. The kit includes a metal chain and a purse. The surface of the purse is smooth, and it is clasped with a metal button.

Stylist's advice: it is an original accessory that will become an accent in any appearance. It goes well with a blouse M 2349-1 and a skirt M 4084.