Dress 5172 Beads 8080 Waist belt 8066

Dress 5172

  • Color: beige
  • Article's length: 120 cm
  • Composition: PE – 61%; viscose – 33%; spandex – 6%
  • Size: 42-54
It is a comfortable dress of a fitted silhouette with a flowing A-line skirt. The garment is made of nonrigid suiting cloth. The product is cut-off at the waist with a stretchy band. The bodice of the dress is with a single-piece ¾ sleeve. The skirt has a bias cut, and it smoothly fits the figure. There is a clasp on a hinged loop and a button on the middle seam of the backside. The product has a stretchy satin lining. The length range is midi.

Stylist's advice: it is an essential dress, and depending on the used accessories, it gets a diverse stylistic expression. If combined with rough boots, a leather belt A 8066, and beads A 8080, you will achieve the image of "casual" style. But if to combine with high-heeled shoes and emphasize the waistline with an elegant decorative strap, an appearance becomes romantic and elegant.

Beads 8080

  • Color: pearl-beige, black
  • Article's length: 125 cm
  • Size: one size
This piece of clothing accessories is the designer's artwork. The loose ends of the string are tied in a bow. As decoration, there are used pearl beads and rhinestones.

Stylist's advice: it is an off-beat piece of clothing accessory that couples perfectly with blouses and dresses. We recommend to wear it with M 5172 dress.

Waist belt 8066

  • Color: black
  • Waist belt width: 2.5 cm
  • Size: XS–S (42-44), M–L (46-48), XL–XXL (50-52)
It is a waist belt of a classic black color, 2.5 cm wide. The product is made of high-quality genuine Italian leather. The surface is smooth; holster screw clamp is present. There is the designer's embossing on the waist belt.

Stylist's advice: this waist belt of a baseline is nicely compatible with any overclothes. For instance, we recommend wearing it with M 3113 trousers, M 1105 jacket, and M 5172 dress.
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