Plaid jacket 1103 Blouse 2349-1 Trousers 3121 Accessory kit 8067

Plaid jacket 1103

  • Color: chocolate brown, chequered print pattern
  • Article length: 69 cm
  • Composition: wool – 53%; PE – 29%; viscose – 16%; elastane – 2%
  • Size: 42-50
The jacket has a classic straight silhouette. It is made of a dense half-woolen suit plaid fabric. Single-breasted jacket with button fastener. Welt pockets with a flap are on the forepart. Sleeve with a vent and button fastener. Polyviscose lining.

Stylist's advice: the perfect basic jacket which is a good match with many garments. You can make the image more tasty-looking in combination with a set of accessories made of genuine leather M 8067.

Blouse 2349-1

  • Color: terracotta
  • Article's length: 54 cm
  • Composition: PE – 76%; viscose – 18%; spandex – 6%
  • Size: 42-52
Comfortable blouse of a loose silhouette. It is made of a nice on the touch knitted fabric. Stand-up collar, one-piece sleeve with cuff, straight lower sections. There is the designer's hand-made brooch Butterflies" on the forepart.

Stylist's advice: it is a basic garment that easily fits into your everyday look. We recommend combining it with a skirt M 4081 and jackets M 1107.

Trousers 3121

  • Color: chocolate, heavy checkered pattern.
  • Article's length:
  • Composition: wool – 53%; PE – 29%; viscose – 16%; elastane – 2%
  • Size: 42-50
Classic trousers of a loose silhouette, slightly narrowed down. They are made from a wool blend suiting cloth with an elastane, checkered pattern. Belt with loops, partially elastic; it fastens with hooks. The front of the trousers has small soft pleats and functional pockets in the side seams. On the backside of the trousers, functional welt pockets with buttons are present. The length of the trousers is 7/8.

Stylist's advice: it is recommended combining trousers with a jacket made of the same M 1103 fabric. To make the image more stylish, you can add a set of accessories made of genuine leather in terracotta color, for instance, A 8067.

Accessory kit 8067

  • Color: terracotta
  • Bag size: 16x10x2 cm
  • Waist belt width: 2.5 cm
  • Waist belt size: XS-S (42-44), M-L (46-48), XL-XXL (50-52)
It is a stylish kit of accessories in bright terracotta color. The items are made of high-quality genuine Italian leather. The kit includes a 2.5 cm wide waist belt, a purse, and a metal chain. The surface of the products is smooth. The designer's embossing on the waist belt is present. The purse is clasped with a metal button. The waist belt has a holster screw fastener.

Stylist's advice: a customer gets several accessories at once when buying such a kit: a waist belt, a waist bag, and a purse on a chain. Add these accessories matches nicely any look. The kit looks especially impressive in combination with a denim jumpsuit M 3124, as well as with a jacket M 1103, blouse M 2349-1, and trousers M 3121.