Dress 5183 Earrings 8098

Dress 5183

  • Blue color
  • Product length: 123 cm
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Size: 42-48
Dress shirt with a detachable original collar, voluminous puffed sleeves of a free silhouette. It is made of acompact dotted cotton fabric. The detachable collar creates a unique romantic look. The dress fastens with buttons. In the side seams there are hidden pockets. Side cuts are rounded.

Earrings 8098
  • Glaze color: "Dutch blue," "May Rain"
  • Size: 9.5 cm, 7.2 cm
Handmade earrings are the original development of our studio's designers. Earrings are made in the form of clouds. The products are asymmetrical: one earring measuring 9.5 cm, the other 7.2 cm. Made by hand from ceramics and covered with glaze.
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