Games, dreams, creative experiments and discoveries are at the core of DNA Spring-Summer'21. Eclectic images and emotions, stylistically bold contrasts, up-to-date color scheme. Despite the fact that we have studied a huge number of trends, we have remained true to ourselves. This collection turned out to be bright, bold and creative and it was a discovery for us. We are sure you will like it. It is for those who like to play and break the rules.
Let's go!
Spring-Summer '21
Capsule 1: Life like game
"Life as a game" is the capsule's motto. Casual, sport chic, luxury classic are the main components of the capsule style, which you can play with and collect a lot of interesting images. Laconic color scheme with bright mint and purple accents, clean design lines, original accessories, and a variety of textures. The basic principle of creating images is eclecticism, like a game without rules. When you break the rules, something new is born. Play with us!
Capsule 2: Sunny wind
Solar wind, warm sea sand, blue clouds, sensations of boundless freedom and flight. All this you will feel in the capsule. The harmonious coffee-blue color scheme, delicate floral prints, airy natural cotton and linen fabrics create a mood of anticipation for the trip. Ceramic brooches-clouds convey the warmth and soulfulness of the master's hands. Romantic dresses, weightless sundresses, favorite vests, shorts, culottes – a perfectly balanced range for relaxation. Summer will be more pleasant with this capsule.
Capsule 3: Army of dreamers
We are designers like an army of dreamers that maintains a balance of harmony and beauty. And sometimes the beautiful is nearby. All of us are of different cultures, but we are united by love for our native places, for our roots. In this capsule we invite you to the world of freedom and creativity. Fragile and tender, tough and graphic, built on stylistic contrast. In it you will find ceramic brooches, handmade embroidery as references to ethno style. Author's graphics, cotton lace, natural textures, natural color scheme, delicate floral prints... The capsule turned out to be so beautiful that it would not leave anyone indifferent.