About us

The spirit of freedom and creativity, alternative thinking, attention to details and inexhaustible love for the work – are at the heart of the brand's DNA. The main idea of the Lea Lea brand is to develop models with bright design accents.
The history of the brand
Lea Lea brand was founded in 2013 as a small fashion studio and was developed into a dynamic company of women's clothing sewing. Since the foundtion, it's a regular participant of exhibitions in the world fashion industry and participant Belarus Fashion Week.
Who we are
We are a team of professionals who are wholly engaged in fashion. Lyubov Evtikhova is the image-maker and chief designer of the brand. She has been delivering out-of-the-box ideas in the fashion industry for more than 17 years. The office, laboratory and production are located in the geographical center of Europe in the city of Brest, Republic of Belarus.

Our motto: no compromise on quality!
We set up three collections a year: spring-summer, autumn-winter and party time.
The founding principle of collections molding lies in the statement that all garments must be in harmony with each other as much as possible.
The designer's ornament
Lea Lea's garniture and accessories are 100% ingenious and genuine product, made by hand.
Products and quality

All garments of the brand are manufactured at our high-end production facility. The laboratory and production department are both located in one place, which guarantees quality control at all stages: from the design conception and to finished-products output. This fact allows us to ensure the optimal cost of products.
For its customers, Lea Lea offers three collections per year: spring-summer, autumn-winter and party time. Each new collection of garments is created according to the principle of capsularity, where all the models are ideally matched and perfectly combined. Each new season we have a new concept and new characters. Our team works hard daily to create exquisite and distinctive outfits for the upcoming season. Articles are available in a wide range of sizes: from 42 to 52.
Hand made decor
The Lea Lea brand design team creates unique and creative products. Individual graphics and handmade decor accumulate positive energy, so each product of the Lea Lea brand has a mood, character and even a soul! The decor and accessories produced by the Lea Lea brand are 100% original and handmade.
You will never confuse Lea Lea with any other brand.
The business model of the Lea Lea brand is based on a personalized approach to each client and the concept of manufacturing of customized apparels. Through this approach, no extra items are being manufactured during the collection production, which means that the amount of waste pieces is reduced. Our design studio makes use of only natural or mixed fabrics of the highest quality.
Quality control
All brand products manufactured in
our own high-tech industrial production line. Our office, laboratory and production department are located in one place, which guarantees quality control at all stages of collection build-up and makes provision for cost minimization. All Lea Lea products have a quality certificate.
You can always find us on Instagram. Come in, it is beautiful at our place @lealea.official